I work in the real estate business. In the last few years, propelled by financial crisis and other developments in society, the role of the customer has changed dramatically. Potential buyers of houses that yet have to be built, are now actively invited to join the process of creating their new home, together with the professionals. That is a good thing: after all, they are paying for it, they will live there, it’s theirs. You see this process of co-creation in other lines of work and businesses as well. I see a connection with other developments in our postmodern society. The advent of internet is most certainly a factor in this: people have more to choose from, and information is better accessible.
For me personally, this ties in with a change in my spiritual life. I used to approach the Divine almost like as a (devoted) customer, patiently waiting for what would come to pass. Of course, I did the ground work: I prayed regularly and tried (and sometimes failed) to be a decent person. I often waited for a nudge in a certain direction, but I received few of those. So many years of my life just meandered me by, waiting for a cue. They were useful years in other ways: meandering is a good way to learn many things about yourself and the world. But it is hard to reach a tangible goal if you are waiting for the universe to show you what the goal is. Lately, I have started to doubt it works that way. The only times I actually had the experience of things truly coming together was when I had actively sought and set the goal myself. That meant not just doing the ground work but actively imagining certain things in my mind’s eye, and only then doing the practical work that was necessary to make it happen. Then things or people would miraculously materialise in my life.
So lately I believe, we have become spiritual co-creators too. We probably have always been, but this outlook is rapidly becoming more prevalent among people from all kinds of faith. Humanity is growing into adulthood, we are responsible for the mess we often make. We can choose our God or Gods, and the path we choose to meet them. It is clear not everyone serves the same God, or the same values. And these choices have profound and very real effects in the world. You could say we are lesser Gods in that sense. I do believe there is wyrd, or divine intervention. I do not think we can influence everything, but we are all powerful spiritual beings in our own right, who can work with our chosen God(s).


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