The Wild calls us all: Gods and Radicals

This weekend, for the first time in a hundred years, a wolf was seen in the Netherlands. It walked and ran among the houses in a village in the north. There was talk of wolves living close to our borders in the last few years, but now it is a fact.
The wolf was not scared. Experts think he must have seen few humans in his life, other wise he would have reacted quite differently. That might well be, but I think he was sent as a sign. The wild can no longer ignored.
Wild does not equal savage. We can be wild and cultured, culture is after all a human being’s nature.
When Rhyd Wildermuth announced the launch of the new site Gods and Radicals, I felt wildly compelled to answer. My practical self asked:’Why me?’ But then the woods answered:’Why not you? You know our plight. You see it everyday. Speak as you find, as you are.’ I’m very excited to be involved. Lots of great writers will contribute to this site and I will try to be worthy of their company. But it’s not just about great writing and good food for thought. It is bringing about tangible change in our world. We have not only strayed from the forest path that is full of hidden joy, we also cleared the forest and replaced it with a highway. If enough words and initiatives grow, their roots are bound to shake its foundation in the long run.
So…. if you haven’t yet, check out the site. It will fully start on May 1st, but in the mean time there will be new articles added to the site.


One thought on “The Wild calls us all: Gods and Radicals

  1. I found your blog through the Gods and Radicals site and look forward to your posts. 🙂 I live in America and there’s been a questionably successful wolf reintroduction program in the state next to mine. I don’t know how long it will be before I can see or hear of wolves in the wild – maybe not even before I die. They do seem like a wonderful metaphor for our tense relationship with nature.

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