the Divine Family

What is your relationship with the Divine? Is it Devotional? Collaborative? An agreement of reciprocity? How does this engagement flow into your mundane relationships? or Does it?

Frankly, I found these questions hard to answer. My relationship with the Divine just is. I feel all the world, living or non-living, is alive and alight with spirit. I’m part of that world myself, and so is everyone else. At present, I feel no need to barter or work with the Deities, other than to ask for a blessing, thank Them for Their gifts and acknowledging Their existence. When I’m worried, I might speak of my worries and desires. But I do not expect Them to aid me, apart from affirming that I am on the right track by synchronicity or signs in the natural world. It’s up to me, really, as long as things are going well.

My relationship with the Divine can easily be compared to my human relationships. I’m a private, reserved person. My relationships with other people are few but intense. In a way they follow the same pattern as my relationship with the Divine: they just are. Most of my social life revolves around family, relatives or friends I have had for so long, they feel like family too. There is room for new encounters, but I do not actively seek them out.

Although I have not always identified as a Pagan, there is no rift in my life concerning the Divine. I have not forsaken the Abrahamic God for new Deities. I never connected with Him to begin with. It was the Divine Mother I felt around me all along, and the vigorous, ageless, hopeful Male energy that resides in the woods and in sacred places. They have been there all my life.

in the gardenA more recent addition to my practice is to give either of the Divine presences in my life, a proper place in our home. I do not think having a material reminder of them will truly deepen my relationship with them. But just like it is with loved ones you do not get to see everyday, it is good to have a tangible reminder of them around. Even more important than the tangible reminders of Deities in our home, is their presence in my garden. This time of the year, as the garden starts anew, I often ask the Divine Mother to bless our small patch, and thank her for having a place to guard and call our own. This is Her corner, below a tree and some shrubs, close to our tiny vegetable garden.

She is not a proud Goddess, but rather modest. She keeps Her eyes on the soil, on Her womb if you will, carefully minding that which grows. I love having Her around. I might call on Her in a time of need, just like I would with my earthly relatives, but as long as I feel blessed, Her presence is all that is required.


One thought on “the Divine Family

  1. That’s a beautiful and thoughtful post, Linda. There’s a profound and powerful simplicity in your relationship with the divine as you describe it that resonates with me. Thank you for sharing.


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