The Handbook of Urban Druidry

The Handbook of Urban DruidryLast week, I read a second introduction to Druidry: The Handbook of Urban Druidry – Modern Druidry for All by Brendan Howlin.
This introduction is wholly different from the more historically oriented ‘Way of the Druid’ I read earlier. This book reads effortlessly: the author has a conversational and even funny style, little found in the spiritual genre. This easy tone will no doubt appeal to young people especially.
The first part of the book consists of a introduction to various concepts and especially practices. Each chapter ends with a list of pointers, questions or ideas for incorporating these practices into your daily life.  Many of these practices are not specific to Druidry and could be described as mindfulness techniques. Druidic concepts like the Wheel of the Year are also introduced. While the techniques and the practical pointers in the first part of the book were not new to me, it is always useful to re-read these. My spiritual habits fall by the wayside every now and again.
The last part of the book explains the Druidic system of grades and provides you with a little more information on what you can expect if you decide to proceed with Druidic training.
If you have been on any kind of spiritual path for some time, this book will not bring you grand new insights. However, it would not be fair to expect this from a book that primarily aims to make the Druidic path accessible for the greater public. I consider it a cordial introduction to earth-based spirituality for people who are not necessarily interested in religion, but are generally looking for a better way to live in our postmodern society. Had I been given a book like this as a teenager or a young adult, it would have helped me a great deal. I will surely introduce my son and daughter to this book, when they are a bit older.


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