Listening to the dream

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. There is the garden variety of dreams, the kind you need to digest your daily life. They can be good or bad, but at least you usually know where they come from. Then there are rare, glorious dreams, in which you can fly, or feel very desired and loved. I feel these dreams offer a glimpse of another plane of existence.  Finally, there are the life dreams. These are the recurring kind of dreams that have a profound effect on you, without having any idea of what they are about. My life dream is a nightmare and it has been with me for as long as I can remember. It usually visits me in times of worry and turmoil. Sometimes, the dream itself seems to sleep. Months or even years can go by without this visitation, but sooner or later it always returns. The last few months, I have often had the dream, which is strange. I have been happy, my family is well, there is plenty to look forward too. Why does it haunt me now?

It is always the same. I walk in the woods and everything looks lovely. All of a sudden, near a great tree, I become the tree and the roots start dragging me under. At first I feel safe in the earth, but then the roots keep pulling and tugging at me and I dissolve, in a dark, blood red earth with strangling black roots that mean me harm. I lose the struggle, and then I’m dead and buried at once.

After yet again a night of sleep without true rest, I decided to face this demon and tried to capture the dream in a drawing. What struck me first while I was drawing it, is the almost complete absence of green, even though I am supposedly in the woods. Then I finally heard it, as clear as a bell. The dream has nothing whatsoever to do with me personally. I’m fairly certain other people have had this dream too. It is a message.

Now I know, I feel obligated. It makes sense that the dream has returned now: for the last year or so I have had other little nudges that I myself, and we as a people, cannot expect to go about our business in this manner for much longer. But what to do? Where to start? I feel daunted, but awake.


One thought on “Listening to the dream

  1. Lovely work on your picture. The black roots remind me of crude oil, tar sands, and fractures from hydraulic fracturing (fracking). These things do harm the tree of life. There are also the unseen roots of things like institutionalized racism and capitalism’s requisite poverty that pull people down. This is powerful imagery! The more people who are awake and can work together, the quicker we’ll figure out what to do.

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