a shrine for Nehalennia

WLANL - mystic mabel - Voltarief van de Godin Nehalennia 150-250 na Chr.

Onze Vrouwe van de Zee
Bewaar ons en bewaar onze dierbaren. Deel met ons een beetje van Uw voorspoed. En wanneer onze tijd gekomen is om de oversteek te maken, moge U en uw metgezel ons veilig naar de overkant brengen.

Our Lady of the Sea
Keep us safe. Keep our loved ones safe. Share a little of Your wealth with us.
And when our time comes to make the crossing,
may You and Your companion safely guide us to the other side.


Leave a message if you want to leave your intentions for the Goddess here. I will light a candle for you.


2 thoughts on “a shrine for Nehalennia

  1. Nehalennia, bless my son who struggles with addiction. Give him strength to make the right choices. Help him to remember his unborn daughter who will soon be joining our family. A seeress told me within this year that you may be the Lady who watches over him. Many offerings to you will I bring, if you should stand by his side to help him. Mijn diepste dank.


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