About me

A religious person by nature. That’s me. I come from an almost secular background but I have always felt attracted to life’s mysteries. As a seeker in a still nominally Christian country, I found myself attracted to Christianity while I grew up and even converted to Catholicism. Gradually, however, I realised I could not truly believe all Catholicism and Christianity had to offer, even though I wanted to. Moreover, I had to face the fact that the very things (reverence of Mary, the mystery of Christmas and other seasonal feasts) that had drawn me to Catholicism were not Christian at all. Eventually, I left religion to its own devices for a while, disappointed in it and in myself, although it still tried to find me. My religious experiences were, as always, fuelled by a deep sense of communion with and reverence for the living world. These days I no longer believe as much as I practice: my diffuse spirituality evolved into a kind of paganism/heathenism. I think a pagan perspective has a lot to offer to the world. Many people and the world itself are in dire need of a pluriform, nature-based spirituality.

I’m a youngish, but no longer young, Dutchwoman. Why the flailing Dutchwoman? Flailing is an ambiguous word. Well, I’m hardly a flying Dutchwoman. Some people soar through their lives, confidently reaching new heights of experience. My life, on the other hand, has been down to earth, and almost completely revolves around my family and my home. A quiet existence does not preclude lofty thoughts, however. So every now and then I flap my wings around here, and maybe express an opinion. I’m never very outspoken in real life, but I do feel strongly on certain matters.
On this blog I will write about everything: past, present and future, and the highly personal.


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